Aluminum Canisters, Stainless Steel Frames for Canisters and Platform Dividers for Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

For Baxter/Fenwal Bags

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Cannister frames are constructed with corrosion-resistant stainless steel and include handles.

F-C-4R9951, F-C-4R9951-5, F-C-4R9951-7, F-C-4R9951-8, F-C-4R9953-3, F-C-4R9953-4, F-C-4R9953-5, F-C-4R9955-3, F-C-4R9955-4, F-C-4R9955-5, F-C-4R9957-3, F-C-4R9957-4, F-C-4R9957-5, F-C-4R9959-3, F-C-4R9959-4, F-C-4R9959-5, F-C-4R2110-3, F-C-4R2110-4, F-C-4R2111-3, F-C-4R2111-4

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