Using Crystal’s Freezer Rack and Box Configurators 

 May 25, 2021

Purchasing freezer racks and boxes has never been easier with Crystal’s Freezer and Box Configurator! Not sure which freezer rack is the best fit for your freezer? Use Crystal’s Freezer Rack Configurator to assist you when purchasing a freezer rack. Simply identify the Freezer Type (upright, chest, or liquid nitrogen), Make and Model of the freezer you are looking to store freezer racks in.

The drop-down box for each category will have a list of options to choose from. If the specific Make/Model you are looking for is not shown, choose “Not on List” and you will be prompted to enter your freezer dimensions.

Once the correct freezer/dimensions are selected, the Box Type and Rack Type you are looking for must be selected from the drop-down list. A Freezer Rack Recommendation will be available. The Rack number, Number of Racks per Shelf, Number of Racks Needed to Fill Freezer, Rack Capacity, Rack Dimensions, and a drawing will also be shown for your convenience.

If you are uncertain of which box to choose from, Crystal also offers a Box Configurator. Select the tube type, tube size and cap size of the tubes you are looking to store from the list of options.

Then select the box you would like to use from the “Box Type” section. If the Tube Type/Size of the tubes you are storing is not shown, select “Not on List” and you will be prompted to enter your Tube dimensions. Once this information has been filled out, a Box Recommendation will be shown on the screen. The Box Item Number, Box Capacity, Description, and Dimensions will be displayed.

Still not sure of which freezer rack or box to purchase? Contact your distributor or Crystal Industries directly for immediate assistance!

Freezer Rack and Box Configurator

The video below shows the steps above.

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