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Cardboard Boxes

  • Ask us about custom graphics and colors
  • Waterproof options available
  • All standard sizes available
  • Variety of cell dividers

A large variety of cardboard boxes are available with dividers, drain holes or both.

Waterproof options are available to survive repeated freezing and thawing.


Find your TUBE below.  The Cardboard Box to the right is the model and insert that you need:



Cardboard Box

1.5ml Screw Cap Centrifuge Tube SB2CC-100
1.5ml Snap Cap Centrifuge Tube SB2CC-81
2.0ml Screw Cap Centrifuge Tube SB2CC-100
2.0ml Snap Cap Centrifuge Tube SB2CC-81
5ml Centrifuge Tube SB3C-36
10ml Centrifuge Tube SB4C-64
15ml Centrifuge Tube SB4C-36
25ml Centrifuge Tube SB3.75C-16
30ml Centrifuge Tube SB4C-16
50ml Centrifuge Tube SB4C-16
1.2ml Internal Thread Cryovial SB2CC-81
1.2ml External Thread Cryovial SB2CC-81
2ml Internal Thread Cryovial SB2CC-81
2ml External Thread Cryovial SB2CC-81
3ml Internal Thread Cryovial SB3C-81
3ml External Thread Cryovial SB3C-81
4ml Internal Thread Cryovial SB3.75C-81
4ml External Thread Cryovial SB3.75C-81
5ml Internal Thread Cryovial SB3.75C-81
5ml External Thread Cryovial SB3.75C-81


Order Examples:* To order, replace XX with 100, 81, 64, 49, 36, 25 or 16 for cell dividers.
** To order, replace XXX with 16 or 36 or 64 for cell dividers.

SBC2CC, SC2CC-100, SB2CC-81, SB2CC-64, SB2CC-49, SB2CC-36, SB2CC-25, SB2CC-16

SB2CC-LP, SBC2CC-100-LP, SBC2CC-81-LP, SBCC2-64-LP, SBCC2-49-LP, SCBC2-36-LP, SBCC2-25-LP, SBCC2-16-LP

SB2C, SB2C-100, SB2C-81, SB2C-64, SB2C-49, SB2C-36, SB2C-25, SB2C-16

SB2CC-H-81, SB2CC-H-81-P-W, SB2CC-H-81-G-W

SB3C, SBC3C-100, SBC3C-81, SBC3C-64, SBC3C-49, SBC3C-36, SBC3C-25, SBC3C-16

SB3.75C, SB3.75-100, SB3.75-81, SB3.75-64, SB3.75-49, SB3.75-36, SB3.75-25, SB3.75-16

SB4C, SB4C-16, SB4C-36, SBC10C, BB3C, BB3C-100, MB2C, MB2C-25, MB3C, MB3C-25




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