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Stainless Steel Dewar Flask 1000ml

Product Features:

  • Temperature range -190°C-200°C
  • Available in two sizes (500ml and 1000ml)
  • Pharmaceutical grade stainless steel
  • Complete with vented stainless steel lids
  • SDF-1000 comes with a removable handle
  • Transports low-temperature gasses or high-temperature liquids

The Stainless Steel Dewar Flasks are used to store and transport low-temperature liquids, and gases or high-temperature liquids. This product is available in 1000ml or 500ml and comes complete with vented stainless steel lids. Hot liquids, cooling of small samples, Liquid nitrogen (LN2), dry ice, CO2, and other cryogenic gases, are well suited for these insulated containers.

Download our Product Datasheet (PDF)


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