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UV Transilluminators (ZT-10A,ZT-20A,ZT-30A)


  • Choice of High (100%) or Low (50%) intensity.
  • Durable, hinged UV protection cover.
  • Specially processed UV filter reduces background influence.
  • Anti-glare surface ensured uniform UV light distribution.
  • 200mm×240mm filter size to facilitate observation of large gels.




The economical BioGlow® UV Transilluminators provide exceptional performance in a compact size. They are easy to maneuver, save valuable benchtop space, and have an optimized anti-glare filtered glass area with uniform illumination. Each unit is uniquely designed with a two-position intensity control device offering you both HIGH (100%) intensity and LOW (50%) intensity mode settings. This is specifically designed to meet the needs of researchers who work with both DNA and RNA. Each CTI BioGlow® UV Transilluminators comes with a UV protection cover.


Model Wavelength Filer Size Power Power Supply Dimensions(W×D×H)
ZT-10A 254nm 200mm×240mm 48W(8W×6) AC110V 60Hz 242×380×114mm
ZT-20A 312nm
ZT-30A 365nm

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UV Transilluminators