Microincinerators ST-14FA


■ Infrared heat delivered within the ceramic tube

■ No flames, gasses, or splatters

■ Inoculating loops & needles sterile in 3-5 second

■ Ceramic heating tube quickly reaches 900°Cs

■ Lifetime heating element and stable base






The Microincinerator is designed to sterilize metal inoculating loops and needles without using an open flame. By using infrared heat inside a ceramic tube, the product protects your laboratory technicians from dangerous gases, flames, and splatters. Once it reaches the optimum sterilization temperature (900℃), the loop or needle is sterilized within 3-5 seconds.


Model ST-14FA
Max. Temp in Operation Mode 900℃± 50℃
Max. Temp in Standby Mode 600℃± 50℃
Max. Sample Diameter Φ14mm (0.55″)
Depth of Heated Area 130mm (5.11″)
Sterilization Time 3~5s
Angle Adjustment No
Ambient Temperature 4℃~60℃
Relative Humidity ≤ 90% Non-condensing
Power 200W
Power Supply AC110V/ 60Hz
Weight 1.2kg (2.64lbs)



Name Part Number(Previous Part Number) Picture
Inoculation Loop Holder STA01(S1121-1)  

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