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15-Position Hotplate Stirrer MS-15HA


  • Heats and stirs a variety of beaker and flask sizes
  • High quality brushless DC motor provides excellent durability and quiet operation
  • The exterior is made of durable aluminum alloy which has high-temperature resistance, corrosion protection, and good insulation properties
  • The working plate is made of Pyroceram material
  • Speed Control Motor feature controls motor speed which is smooth at low speed and strong at high speed
  • Constructed to provide fast heating speed and temperature uniformity

Multi-Position Hot Plate Stirrers offer an elegant, space saving design to provide both stirring and heating functions for your applications. Convenient to use, with variable stirring speed and temperature, for multiple size of beakers or flasks simultaneously.


Model MS-15HA
Product Name 15-Position Hotplate Stirrer
Speed 0rpm, 100~1200rpm
Plate Temperature Ambient ~ 120°C
Platform Dimensions 475 x 285 mm (18.7 x 11.2 in)
Platform Material Black Glass-Ceramic
Number of Stirring Positions 15
Capacity 15 x 500mL
Max Stirrer Bar Length 50mm (1.97 in)
Accessories included in Standard Packaging 15 x MSA04 Ø12 x 30 mm (Ø0.47 x 1.18 in) Stirrer Bar
Ambient Temperature 5℃~40℃
Ambient Relative Humidity ≤90%
Max Power Consumption 660W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 310 x 612 x 78mm (12.2 x 24.1 x 3.1 in)
Net Weight 10 kg (22.1 lb)
Protection Level IP21

Download our Product Datasheet (PDF):

Multi-Position Hot-Plate Stirrer

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