Crystal UV Wands Provide 365nm and/or 254nm UV Illumination in an Easy to Use Handheld Device 

 July 28, 2021

Crystal Industries offers Handheld UV Lamps, also known as our BioGlow line. The BioGlow Handheld UV Lamps are portable and take up minimal space. The Wands can be taken from lab to lab with ease due to their lightweight design. Our BioGlow line is ideal for illuminating gel samples.

Choose between a corded or cordless rechargeable unit. The cordless units include a charger and are lithium battery operated. A fully charged unit can endure up to 3 hours of continuous use, or approximately 500 intermittent uses.

The UV Wand models are available in either single or dual wavelengths, 365nm and/or 254nm with varying intensities. The Wand’s -AA models feature an automatic safety switch. When the unit is turned upside down, the Wand will shut off to prevent harmful UV exposure. As always, every benchtop equipment purchase includes our 2-year replacement warranty.

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