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Handheld UV Lamps


  • UV radiation with wavelengths of 365nm or 254nm, or a combination of both 254nm and 365nm
  • Reliable components, high-intensity UV
  • Portable, lightweight, with an ergonomic design
  • Single or dual wavelength units are available
  • Choice of corded or cordless rechargeable units
  • Unique automatic safety switch to prevent harmful UV radiation exposure when the unit is turned upside down (with AA Models only)



UV lamps can be used for observing and imaging DNA and RNA gels. They are essential devices for medical hygiene, bio-engineering, molecular biology, genetic studies and biological production, anti-counterfeit inspection, pharmaceutical production, criminal and forensic examination, and verification. UV lamps can also be used to examine plates for thin-layer chromatography.

Product Specifications 

UV Lamp Intensity Data

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