Why Stainless Steel Dewar Flasks? 

 April 13, 2021

Failing to use the correct form of storage for specific liquids or gases can result in a rapid evaporation or destroy glassware. Crystal’s Stainless Steel Dewar Flasks allow for convenient transport and storage of low-temperature liquid gases or high-temperature liquids. Our stainless steel design decreases light reflection, which reduces the possibility of heat that may enter.

Our Stainless Steel Dewar Flasks are available in either 500 mL or 1000 mL size and are constructed from the highest levels of quality with pharmaceutical grade stainless steel. 1000 mL and 500 mL sizes include vented stainless steel lids. Our SDF-1000 model, which features a capacity of 1000 mL, offers a removable stainless steel handle for safe transport of larger capacities.

Use Crystal’s Stainless Dewar Flasks for an economical and efficient solution to temporarily store and transfer liquid nitrogen or cryogenic liquids.

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