Vaccine Freezer Box Storage 

 May 11, 2021

As the number of vaccines being administered rises, an organized inventory control system is a must. Crystal’s economical Vaccine Freezer Racks are an efficient way to store Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine Boxes. Crystal offers 5 Vaccine Freezer Racks – two pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel Freezer Racks manufactured for Pfizer Vaccine Boxes and three for Moderna’s.

We offer 3 drawer racks, one side-loading, and one vertical rack for chest freezers. Our drawer racks seamlessly slide out for easy access of the vaccine boxes.

The UFD-252-T2 Drawer Rack stores 10 Pfizer Vaccine Boxes.

Our UFD-352-T2 Drawer Racks stores 15 Pfizer Vaccine Boxes.

UFD-742-T- Drawer Rack holds 28 Moderna Vaccine Boxes.

Our UF-952-T Freezer Rack stores 45 Moderna Vaccine Boxes.

The MCF-9-2-T Moderna Vaccine Vertical Freezer Rack stores 9 boxes.

Crystal’s Freezer Racks are made to the highest levels of quality with double welds and smoothed edges. Each Freezer Rack purchase includes our unconditional lifetime warranty. To find the best fit for your freezer, contact your distributor today!

Need help finding your rack? Our Freezer Rack and Box Configurator is to help!

Crystal Freezer Racks are available from our Distributors

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