Storage for 15 and 50 ml centrifuge tube 

 April 7, 2021

Storage for 15 and 50 ml centrifuge tubes is made simple with Crystal’s pharmaceutical grade stainless steel Freezer Racks. Our Freezer Racks are double welded, have smooth edges and are constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel. Crystal’s 15 and 50 ml Centrifuge Tube Box Racks are available in your choice of upright side-loading, drawer, or vertical (for chest freezers). Finding a rack that best fits your freezer is effortless with our Freezer Rack Configurator. Simply input the make and model of your freezer, box type, and preferred freezer rack style to generate freezer racks that are ideal solutions. Crystal’s unconditional lifetime warranty is included with every freezer rack purchase.

Crystal also offers hinged cardboard boxes for 15 and 50 ml centrifuge tubes. Our boxes are available in a variety of colors and 2 or 3 inch standard box sizes. These boxes are waterproof and feature holes for drainage.

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