Stackable Incubator Safe Mini Rollers 

 August 11, 2021

Crystal’s Stackable and 3D Mini Rollers are great for use in the laboratory. Our Mini Rollers are ideal for liquid mixing, cell culture, hybridization, and much more. The 3D and Stackable Mini Rollers can be utilized in numerous environments, such as CO2 and non-CO2 Incubators. Both models are designed to accommodate additional rollers, up to 11, which allows a wide range of tubes and bottles to be used with the Mini Rollers. The stackable design saves space, creating additional room on the benchtop.

The Mini Rollers feature variable speed and include a wired remote allowing use in incubators. O-rings for 15 ml and 50 ml tubes are available, as well as additional rollers and bars for stacking. Our Mini Rollers are safe to use in humid conditions because they are constructed of anti-corrosive and wear-resistant material. Each benchtop equipment purchase includes our 2 Year Replacement Warranty. Save money and space with Crystal’s Mini Rollers!

Stackable Mini Roller with remote control. Incubator Safe. Available with
3d motion to provide shaking motion.

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