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3D Mini Roller (Stackable) MR-03UA


  • Variable speed and LED display allow for precise control
  • Anti-corrosive and wear-resistant construction is safe for high humidity and CO2 environments
  • Easily add or remove rollers to fit a wide range of tube and bottle sizes
  • Stackable design allows for efficient use of benchtop surface area
  • Included wired remote externally control instrument when running inside the incubator

The Mini Roller is used for liquid mixing, cell culture, hybridization, and more. It can operate in a variety of environments including the benchtop, regular incubators as well as CO2 incubators. Additional rollers can be added, up to a total of 11. The different spacing of the rollers allows the user to use a variety of different size tubes and bottles.


Name Stackable Roller
Model MR-03UA
Number of Roller Bars 11 pcs
Speed 0.5~80rpm
Speed Accuracy ±1rpm
Roller Dimensions (D×L) Ø28x269mm (Ø1.1×10.6″)
Swing Dimensions 18mm (0.71”)
Available Tubes or Bottles Max. Ø120mm (4.72”) bottles/tubes
Max. Load 6.5kg (14.33 Ib) with the container, 3×1500ml bottles
Digital Display Roller Speed Display
Timing Range (Control Box) 0~999min or continuous operation
Included Accessory Standard in Packaging MRA02, MRA03, MRA05
Ambient Temperature 5℃~60℃
Relative Humidity ≤95%
Power Supply AC110 / 60Hz
Max. Power 10W
Dimensions (D×W×H) 360 x 378 x 72mm (14.17 x 14.88 x 2.83″)
Net Weight 6.5kg (14.33 Ib)
Stacking Optional
Protection Level IP21
Certifications cCSAus, WEEE, RoHs, CE

Download our Product Datasheet (PDF):

Stackable Mini Roller 

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