Monitor Your AIREA™ CO2 Incubator On The Go 

 October 11, 2021

Crystal Industries’ AIREA™ Remote Monitoring accessory and app gives customers the ability to control their CTI CO2 Incubator right from their phone or tablet using wi-fi connection. The Incubator app features include the ability to set and change the incubator’s parameters (including temperature and CO2 Concentration). This app collects data related to the parameters that are set allowing you to visualize the performance or any changes over time. If your parameters fluctuate outside of the specified range or the doors open, the app will send you an alarm via text.

With the AIREA™ Incubator Mate app, it is easy to manage your CO2 Incubator. This unique app makes it possible to stay conveniently connected with your CTI Incubator and ongoing projects, whether you are in the lab or not. Every AIREA™ CO2 Incubator includes a 2-year repair warranty.

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