Mini Vortex Mixers 

 July 8, 2021

Crystal’s Mini Vortex Mixers are essential laboratory pieces and are economically priced. The Mini Vortex Mixers are compact and easy to use right at your benchtop. Our Mini Vortex Mixers allow laboratory personnel to multitask and give them the convenient option to keep their work all in one location. Disruption or distractions from leaving the workstation is eliminated with the convenience of Crystal’s Mini Vortex Mixers.

The Mini Vortex Mixers move in an orbital motion at a fixed speed of 3,000 rpm, which is a great way to ensure that the mixing power is not sacrificed. The maximum capacity for tubes is 80 milliliters or 30 millimeters. The base is constructed of steel and the head is made of durable material, which can be customized to your choice of color.

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