Matrix Tubes Storage Solutions 

 August 27, 2021

Keep Matrix tubes in Crystal’s corrosion-resistant stainless steel Freezer Racks. Crystal offers a wide selection of drawer and side-loading freezer rack options for upright or chest freezers.

We carry various side-loading and drawer freezer racks exclusively made for multiple Matrix tubes, including 0.75 ml, 1.4 ml, 1.0 ml Screw-Top, 500 ul Screw-Top, and 12 ml Screw-Top tubes.

The freezer racks can be used in upright or chest freezers. Our drawer-style racks allow for a hassle-free retrieval of plates. Drawer racks allow the user to retrieve a limited amount of microtiter plates at one time, which prevents other samples in the rack from warming up.

Locking rods are included, and security lock devices are available for each rack. Our Freezer Racks are made with the finest pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel. Every Freezer Rack purchase comes with our unconditional lifetime warranty.

Finding a freezer rack that best fits your freezer is simple with Crystal’s Freezer Rack Configurator

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