October 25, 2021

Crystal Industries’ AIREA ™ CO2 Incubator has an Intuitive Touchscreen user interface for easy control and monitoring. The main screen allows users to set and adjust their desired temperature and CO2 concentration values then monitor the incubator’s performance via live readings. Users can also monitor humidity levels and set a low humidity alarm, which will indicate when the humidity pan needs to be refilled. If CO2 gas runs low the alarm feature will be detected and the user will be notified.

Users can also conveniently make changes to the setting via touchscreen. Users can adjust the alarm parameters to activate each alarm. Password protection is also available on the touchscreen to ensure unauthorized users are not able to change any parameters.  For 912 days Temperature, CO2 Concentration, and Humidity data is stored in the memory. All this data can be exported and stored via USB. Contact your distributor Today!

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